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14 ' Inflatable boat GYR-430

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14 ft Inflatable with fiberglass transom 14 ft Inflatable with fiberglass transom

    GYR430 14 ft inflatable boat with fibreglass covered motor mount - the largest and most improved inflatable boat in the classic boats with fiberglass transom GYR category, up scaled with unique specifications. High end quality, non comparable to any other quality and durability. Interior extra lining and patches installed to keep a secure and strong hold. Rarely needed to maintain, long lasting and crucial for a family who prefers less hassle and maintenance. This design is beyond capable of lasting a lifetime with aluminum floorboards with great strength. Able to create enjoyable and adventures roundabouts and exploring river banks, bay sides with this model. Large and spacious ,out 14 ft inflatable boat that can hold a capacity of six grown adults and one child aboard with ease. This inflatable has control and durability, coming along with Fiberglas transom and aluminum floorboards securing family and friends with crucial security and toughness. V- shaped bottom with inflatable keel has the ability to maintain directional stability underway .Quality has brought a major role to our texture and lining, easily maintained and expected to perform at a delightful accordance. Aquamarine Inflatable’s concentrate on major attributes and incredibly reassurance coming from the designs we produce. It is beyond what a family of five needs as a necessity. The GYR430 is the most powerful of all in this category, designed to bring the passengers reliance and ability.

14 ' Inflatable boat GYR-430  Sale Price :  3120 CAD

Shipping :  181 CAD

Model: GYR430    upc:763985863113


2- Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat

1- Set of aluminum colapsable oars

1- Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve

1-Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue )

2-Plywood bench seats

1- Towing rope

1-Owner manual

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