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  Inflatable boats with Aluminum floor inflatable_boats_with_aluminum_floor.jpg

    Aquamarine inflatable Boats - building the best quality, best value provides increased stability and maximum floor space.The aluminum floor is easy to maintain with its exceptional resistance to all types of impact, this is the favorite type of floor for divers and fans of high-performance boats and also it can be fitted in a completely disassembled for quick and easy maintenance.

wooden.gif   Inflatable boats with wooden floor

    Inflatable Boats at affordable prices ... Quick assemble wood floor. Practical all-purpose boat offering maximum safety and stability at a sensible price

  Inflatable boats with inflatable floor air.gif

    Lightweight air-floors This boat is lightweight and does not take much space once deflated. Thousands of polyester threads make our High pressure air floors super firm . The additional support of an air keel increases floor rigidity. The boat can be completely deflated and stowed in a matter of minutes without having to deal with a single removable part. Aquamarine inflatable boat with high pressure stitch inflatable floor available in 4 different sizes. Light weight 7.5 ft inflatable boat - 230 cm ; 8.8 ft inflatable boat - 270 cm ; 9.8 ft inflatable boat - 300 cm ; 11 ft inflatable boat - 330 cm ;

  Inflatable boats w Fiberglass floor

    One of the advantages of fiberglass inflatable boats is that they are extremely strong, and do not rust, corrode, or rot.These inflatables can be used as dinghies

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