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Great selection of inflatable boats for affordable price If you have been looking for RIGID INFLATABLE BOAT (RIB) , River raft and accessories , you will find we have what you need. We offer a variety of inflatables including towable banana sleds and Tunnel hull boats.

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Aquamarine inflatables ideal as dinghies as well as general use runabouts, fishing boat and dive boats . Our inflatable boats distinguished by rigid, integral transom and inflatable keel to improve handling under power. Sizes from 7 ft (2.3 metter) to 16 ft (4.60 meters )work well for all types of fishing , from back pack trip to off shore angling for blue fin tuna. Available with sectional fiberglass floor , plywood , aluminum floor or high pressure air deck floors

White water whitewate  inflatable river raft


River Raft or whitewater rafts are designed to meet needs of professional rafters and guides running whitewater river trips for a large groups of adventurers. High end give aquamarine river boats a pronounced rocker that keeps nose digging into haystacks. High pressure inflatable floor increase buoyancy, facilitate draining and protect the passengers from impact of the rocks , logs. The boat features multiple ( 4 four ) separate air chambers in the main hull, unlike many inflatable river rafts that have only port and starboard chambers Whitewater river Boats featured Self-bailing system. Aquamarine river raft comes with removable cross tubes (thwarts)

Rigid bottom inglatable boat (R.I.B)

Rigid bottom inflatable boats RIBs

Aquamarine Riggid bottom inflatables ideal as dinghies as well as general use runabouts, fishing boat and dive boats .

Inflatable boat covers with D-rings


Our boat covers for inflatable boats constructed of marine-grade 600D Polyester Fabric with PU coating for Maximum durability, breathability, and longevity. BOAT COVER FEATURED: MULTI TIE DOWN D-RINGS. WATER REPELLENT FABRIC. Double-stitched seams with rot proof thread and elastic hem. Fits most dinghies including those with low consoles Storage: Storage bag is included .

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