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    Inflatable boats are some of the most popular personal boats on the market today, and for good reason. Inflatable boats are excellent for fishing (both fly and spin fishing), whitewater rafting, pleasure boating, yacht tending and even search and rescue. Inflatable boats are also very popular due to their portability - just let the air out and most boats will compact into an easy to carry case that fits easy in a closet, trunk or the back of your pickup truck


    The ultimate whitewater raft. White water river raft has all the features that an extreme rafter is looking for. It is strong and lightweight. It has a pronounced rocker, but can easily be paddled in a straight line in calm water. It Includes 1 seat, 1 foot rest, special foot pump and nylon carry bag. Hull and floor are made of durable puncture resistant PVC .Features: Self-bailing system

Tunnel hull inflatable boat

    This Aquamarine tunnel inflatable boat also known as CAT RAFT or SPEED BOAT designed for racing . The main reason of tunnel boat unbelievable speed and control ability is special designed tunnel hull. Tunnel hull is constructed with two parallel skegs or keels running the entire length of the hull on both the port and starboard pontoons made of tubular high pressure inflatable compartments called "hijackers".

RIB (Rigid inflatables)

    Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) This boat combines the best in sports and utility boating


    Great selection of accessories for inflatable boats and dinghy , storage bags, boat covers and trolling motors


    Uncover new fishing sites and opportunities on the water with electric trolling motors and gas motors.


    Boat covers are the best protection of your inflatable boat.Boats covers are specially designed to protect your boat from sun and rain. Our Boat covers absorbs dangerous UV rays before they do serious damage your inflatable boat.


    These recreational inflatable boats are designed to be pulled by a bigger motor boat.

INFLATABLE BOATS fiberglass transom

    Aquamarine inflatables is proud to introduce our newest improved GYR series inflatable boat with fiberglass transom. The transom is one of the most important structural part of a boat. GYR series inflatable dinghy features a brand new design concept - Fiberglass Reinforced Transoms for extra strength and longevity that plywood just won't match.

inflatable_kayaks_kaboats.jpg INFLATABLE KAYAKS, Kaboats

    For those who love recreational kayaking or exploring butiful lakes and waterways we introduce lightweight and compact inflatable kayak. Aquamarine inflatable kayak incorporate the stability, comfort, and manageability.
Aquamarine Kaboats incorporated motor mount ,inflatable hull, high pressure inflatable floor and transom with a wood transom for motor mounting.


    Inflatable Fenders for yacht made of havy duty 1.2 mm PVC.Easy to clean and store.These Inflatable fenders are available in 3 different sizes (Regular 30"x16", Large 43"x 24", Huge 58" x 24"). Colour is Black.


    Professional series inflatable boats designed to withstand heavy duty use and harsh operating conditions. Pro- series inflatable boats build of 1.2 mm PVC , new material, will increase the amount of force your inflatable boat can withstand even more!


    Inflatable Aquamarine Cataraft Tubes for DIY projects . Build your own fishing or expedition cataraft using our high quality cataraft pontoons. Ctaraft tubes made of 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm.PVC .
If you start planning your summer raft trip , going fishing, hunting or hiking we are now able to offer you innovative economical,reliable solution and give a range of choices to help you find the best cost-effective white water cataraft tubes.

pumps_for_inflatable_boats_sup.jpg DINGHY PUMP, INFLATORS

    Wide variety of pumps for inflatable boats, dual action inflators , foot pumps, hand pumps , kite high volume pumps, electrical low voltage pumps (12 volts ) and 120 volts electrical pumps for dinghy.

INFLATABLE SUP BOARD inflatable_sup_boards.jpg

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard. INFLATABLE SUP Boards.

launching_wheels_dolly.gif Launching wheels ,Dolly

    Launching wheels ,Dolly for INFLATABLE BOATS.Launching trailer for inflatable or aluminum boats.

AUXILIARY Outboard Motor Brackets auxiliary_outboard_motor_brackets.jpg

    Retractable brackets for trolling auxiliary motors on power and sailboats.OUTBOARD MOTOR MOUNTs.



Discontinued Products

    Discontinued Products

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