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  PST provincial sales tax return Apr 01 2013  
  On April 1, 2013, B.C. will return to a provincial sales tax (PST) system.As British Columbia Canadian business we expected to collect and remit the sales tax accordingly.
Alberta - GST 5%
Saskatchewan - GST 5% & PST 5% voluntarily (unless is home province)
Manitoba - GST 5% & PST 7%
Ontario - HST - 13%
Quebec - GST 5% & QST (Quebec Sales Tax) 9.975% (Note that as of January 1, 2013, the QST is no longer be charged on GST.)
New Brunswick - HST 13%
Nova Scotia - HST 15%
Newfoundland & Labrador - HST 13%
Prince Edward Island - GST 5% & PST 10% voluntarily (unless is home province) until April 1st when PEI becomes an HST province with an HST rate of 14%.
Northwest Territories - GST 5%
Nunavut - GST 5%
Yukon - GST 5% Please visit our Tax and duties guidelines page for more information.
  Professional series Inflatable boats Apr 23 2012  
  We are expanding our product line in 2012. We are adding new colors and new PRO series of inflatable boats made of strong 1.2 mm PVC.
  Commercial grade inflatable kayaks Aug 31 2011  
  Aquamarine inflatables announces a new series of commercial grade inflatable kayaks . Our inflatable kayaks available in 2 sizes. 12 ft inflatable kayak and 14 ft inflatable kayak
  Fiberglass transom fishing inflatable boats Mar 19 2010  
  A new line up of inflatable boats with long lasting, low in maintenance fiberglass transom.We are proud to introduce our innovative inflatable boat design to Canadian and United States customers.
  New whitewater river rafts Mar 20 2007  
  Whitewater rafting is one of the most amazing water activities. we are here to provide you with whitewater rafting boats and equipment at a very affordable price.
  Website launch Dec 11 2005  
  The age of Aquamarine inflatabels has begun.We are proud to introduce new line up of inflatable boats and dinghies in range from 7 ft to 14 ft The much-anticipated launch of web site finally here.
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