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7'7" Inflatable boat GYR-230

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7.5 ' inflatable boat with fiberglass transom 7.5 ' inflatable boat with fiberglass transom
7.5 ft inflatable fishing boat with fiberglass
Fishing dinghy with double pontoons
Soft bottomed dinghy with double pontoons
Fiberglass transom high impact and streight testFiberglass transom for inflatable dinghyAluminum floor for  7.5 ' inflatable dinghyprotective bumpers for 7.5 ft inflatable dighy Reinforcement strips under the  keel for extra strength

    This small 7'7 inflatable boat been completely redesigned for strength and reliability.We placed longevity as our key concern when we design this dinghy.We have chosen fiberglass covered transom which is protected against corrosion to promote longevity.Reinforced transom connection , double layer of PVC fabric at the motor mount provides double protection against the degrading effects of different natural environments.

7'7" Inflatable boat GYR-230  Sale Price :  910 CAD

Shipping :  77 CAD

Model: GYR230    upc:763985863083


Overall Length : 7 ' 5" (230 cm)     
Overall Width : 4.10' (146cm)  or (57 in)     
Number of chambers : 3+1 (Bow, Starboard, Portside) + Keel     
Inside width : 26 inches (66.04 cm)     
Tube diameter : 15" (38 cm)     
Max person capacity : 2adults +1 child     
Max engine power : 2.5  hp     
Net weight : 99 lbs (45kg)     
Max load capacity : 640 lbs  (290kg )     
Max air pressure boat : 3.5 psi (0.24 bar)     
Tubes and hull material : 0.9 mm PVC coated -1100 Dtex polyester fabric     

1- Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat

1- Set of aluminum colapsable oars

1- Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve

1-Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue )

1-Plywood bench seat

1- Towing rope

1-Owner manual

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