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12 ' Inflatable kayak

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Inflatable kayak 12 ' Inflatable kayak 12 '

    The Kayak twelve footer is simple and elegant. This specific kayak slides through waters easily, controlled by the passengers cruising through rough or calm waters. This kayak was designed for high quality material, strong base foundation and tightly roomed space for easy ins and outs. Design is important, and the twelve foot kayak we provide was made to glide using its narrowed tipped nose and tail to maneuver easily. Interior is at its most comfort, a long adventure on the lake or ocean side gives the passengers more than quality and comfort but trust in the security of well built kayaks. The rubber used is life long lasting, hard tuff plastered material, created to last and endure any environment contacted. This model contains a hard tough high pressure inflatable floor and PVC bottom, strongly built rubber created to protect and uptake any minor damages leading ahead for security purposes. Recreational use of this kayak brings ease to our passengers, coming onboard with ultimate support.

12 ' Inflatable kayak  Sale Price :  584 CAD

Shipping :  77 CAD

Model: GYK360    upc:763985863199


Floor design : High pressure inflatable floor     
Overall length : 12' ( 360 cm )     
Overall Width : 3'     
Tube Diameter : 13" (33 cm)     
Air Chambers : 3 + 2 Thwarts     
Persons Capacity : 2     
Weight Capacity : 600 Lbs     
Shipping weight : 43 lbs     
Shipping Size : 45 x 24 x 13"     
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