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10 ' Inflatable boat GYR-300

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10 ft inflatable fishing dinghy 10 ft inflatable fishing dinghy
10' inflatable pvc boat with fiberglass transom
10 ft inflatable fishing boat  top view
10' inflatable dinghy side view
Fiberglass transom high streight  inflatable boatinflatable  fishing boat with  fiberglass floorRuber protective bumpers under inflatable tubesaluminum floor for 10ft inflatable boat New seat hook up for 10 ft inflatable 2010

    Modeled to strive through calm and rough waters with ease, enjoyment for all beyond purpose. Creating unlimited amount of relaxation and a variety of fun activities when boarding such a inflatable as this design. Remarkable and extraordinarily sturdy with safely as a major plus! This model is remarkable and has the classic fibreglass transom look, fitting a family of five spaciously, cruising by the cottage or riverbank is quite the experience. Held together with fibreglass transom decking and two plywood benches that easily clip on, and a draining system for excess water on board. With our 10 ft inflatable boat , light weight, this design is treated and meant for fast dismantlement and infatuation within minutes. As a family oriented boat, this raft provides a assured fun and experience; Aquamarine Inflatables insures only the best of quality and supported reliance upon every boat we design, The GYR300 is next in line!

10 ' Inflatable boat GYR-300  Sale Price :  1209 CAD

Shipping :  103 CAD

Model: GYR300    upc:763985863090


Overall Length : 9 ' 10" (300cm)     
Overall Width : 5'    (153cm)     
Number of chambers : 3+1 (Bow, Starboard, Portside) + Keel     
Inside width : 26 inches (66.04 cm)     
Tube diameter : 16.4" (42 cm)     
Max person capacity : 4adults +1kid     
Max engine power : 10 hp     
Net weight : 123 lbs (56kg)     
Max load capacity : 1 102 lbs (500kg)     
Max air pressure boat : 3.5 psi (0.24 bar)     
Tubes and hull material : 0.9 mm PVC coated -1100 Dtex polyester fabric     

1- Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat

1- Set of aluminum colapsable oars

1- Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve

1-Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue )

2-Plywood bench seats

1- Towing rope

1-Owner manual

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