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Care and maintenance


Instruction how to assemble inflatable boat with high pressure air floor

STEP 1 : Unfold the deflated boat
Clear a flat space (making sure it is clean and free of sharp objects that could damage inflatable boat) and unfold your boat. Remove the hull from its box (or storage bag) . Unroll the hull of the inflatable boat so it laid out flat.

Unfold inflatable boat from a storage bag
Unfold pantoons of the inflatable boat
STEP 2 : Inflate boat air chamber to 30% and unroll air floor

Push and twist all valves one quarter to the closed position. The Inflatable Boats can be inflated either with a foot pump or with electric pump. Inflate all main chambers to approximately 30%-50% full. Unroll high pressure air floor into the boat.Floor has plywood support board which will push keel down and create V shape on the boattom of the boat.Be sure not to trap the tubes under plywood support board.

Inflate all chambers to one third and unroll air deck

STEP 3 : Make sure that keel valve is located at the center of the floor hole
Make sure inflatable keel lined up with the hole in the floor

Install bench seat(s).

Place bench seat
STEP 4 : Inflate main air chambers

Inflate main air chambers. Do not inflate one air chamber at a time. When inflating or deflation pantoons , maintain a balanced air pressure between chambers in order to prevent potential damage of the pvc wall inside of the chambers that separate the air chambers .

Maintain ballanced pressure  in all air chambers
STEP 5 : Inflate high pressure air floor and keel

Once main chambers inflated ,inflate high pressure air deck .Please refer to the chart on the bottom of the page for air pressure or visit recommended guidelines for inflatable boat air pressure . Do not inflate keel until air deck is inflated .After you have inflated high pressure floor you can start inflateing the keel.

Inflate keel of inflatble boat

Max /recomended pressure for inflatable boats:

TUBES / CHAMBERS 3.6 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 25 KPa 3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 20 KPa
KEEL 5 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 35 KPa 4.3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 30 KPa
HIGH PRESSURE INFLATBLE FLOOR 10 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 70 KPa 8.7 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 60 KPa
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