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Care and maintenance


Hard floor assembly

STEP 1 : Unfold the deflated boat
Clear a flat space (making sure it is clean and free of sharp objects) and unfold your boat. Remove the hull from its box and take it out of the boat bag. Unroll the hull so it laid out flat.

Unfold boat
STEP 2 : Inflate slightly

Push and twist all valves one quarter to the closed position. The Inflatable Boats can be inflated either with a hand pump or with electric pump. The electric pump can inflate the boats to a moderate pressure and save a lot of time, but boat will need to be finished off with a hand pump. Inflate all hull chambers to approximately 30% full in order to make floorboard insertion easier.

Inflate all chambers to one third

STEP 3 : Place the hard floor floorboards together inside the boat

Each floorboard is labeled with the number.Florrboard number 1 will be the font floorboard and florboard number 4 (or florboard number 3 for inflatables DYL230/DYF230, DYL270/DYF270 ) will be placed next to the transom. Place floorboard # 1 at at bow part.Make sure you get first floorboard as far forward as possible ,right in the join between the bottom of the boat and pantoon. Make sure that keel valve is located at the center of #1 boards hole

Place floorboard # 1

Place floorboard # 4 next to the transom

Place floorboard # 4

Florboard number 2 and number 3 should be placed angular to each other.Push floorboard downwards to join these floorboards in flat position.

Push floorboards downward
STEP 4 : Attach side joiners

Attach side joiners to the floor along the tubes to create a solid floor system

Attache side joiners
STEP 5 : Attach seats

Attach wooden seat properly by placing plastic adges with seat with the seat holders located on the sides of the boat

Attach wooden seat

STEP 6 : Inflate the boat
Start inflating the front air chamber, followed by the two side of air chambers . And finally inflate the keel in the middle .Place cap on th e valve an d twist tight. Join the oars into piece an d properly attach them on th eside oar lock.Then screw cap tight to the fasten

Assembled boat
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