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Working recomended pressure for inflatable boat / dinghy

Proper air pressure meaning the tubes/floor is hard and has a bloated feel to it . Boat comes with foot  pump  in the  package  which cannot overinflate  your inflatable   boat . Generally you cannot pump anymore air into the boat, meaning the boat is ready to go. Air pressure gauge is not necessary to have but  if you  want to know   exact   air  pressure   or  feel that  you   boat  is  underinflated  or overinflated  you  can  purchase  air pressure gauge   for  inflatable  boats . Pressure gauge must come with adapter designed for valves installed on your inflatable boat.
Please keep in mind , if you decide to use a high-pressure electric air pump,you have to strictly follow the guidelines to avoid boat over inflation and consequential damage.
If you are using a high-pressure compressor, inflator or electric air pump, please use below guidelines to avoid boat over-inflation and damage.Electric pump designed for inflatable boats usually has a built in cut off-switch that automatically turns pump off when the desired air pressure is reached.
Max /recomended pressure for inflatable boats:

TUBES / CHAMBERS 3.6 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 25 KPa 3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 20 KPa
KEEL 5 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 35 KPa 4.3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 30 KPa
HIGH PRESSURE INFLATBLE FLOOR 10 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 70 KPa 8.7 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 60 KPa

Should you want to convert from other pressure units please use CONVERSION FACTORS table below

  • 1 PSI= 0.0689476 BAR
  • 1 BAR= 14.50326 PSI
  • 1 kPa= 0.145 PSI
  • 1 BAR =100 kPa
  • Pressure gauge installed on inflatable boat with  correct air pressure
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