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Care and maintenance


Folding your boat for compact storage

STEP 1 : Disassemble and deflate boat
Remove the oars from both sides of the boat.Deflate all air chambers.The valves should be unlocked by pushing and twisting one quarter turn.Leave H-R valves open. Remove the wooden seat and floor.Deflate bow camber first, this will make it easier to fold later.. Fully deflate boat by attaching foot pump to each of the valves
Deflate  boat

STEP 2 : Fold both sides of the boat

Fold both end cones over transom. Fold both sides of the boat as shown on the picture. You want the pontoons to fold in so the entire package is not wider than the transom .

Fold both end cones over transom

STEP 3 : Fold transom

Roll forward front bow.Fold front bow under main chamber. Fold transom

fold transom

STEP 4 : Fold inflatable
Fold inflatable boat compactly.
Fold inflatable boat compactly

STEP 5 : Place folded inflatable into storage bag
Place folded inflatable boat and accessories into storage/carrying bag. 12 feet and 14 feet (DYL-380/DYF-380 and DYL-430/DYF-430) inflatables comes with two storage bags. One for boat inself another for floor boards and accessories
Place folded inflatable into the bag
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