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Launching boat dolly Stainless

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Boat launching trailler , launching wheels Boat launching trailler , launching wheels
Boat launching beach trailer wheels
Front strap for Boat launching trailer
Boat launching beach wheels

    Stainless Hand launching trailer for inflatable or aluminum boat. If you need to launch your inflatable boat often, move your RIB around marina, drag the boat down to the water from on shore boat shed or boat storage area . This Stainless launching dolly with big pneumatic wheels will make your life easier. Easy way to move your boat alone. Each Inflatable boat hand easy launching dolly comes with set of 16 inch wheels.
Please be Advised that Dolly shipped in the box and require some assembly . Require time for assembly, taking anywhere from 10 minutes

Launching boat dolly Stainless  Sale Price :  325 CAD

Shipping :  65 CAD

Model: trolley_4SS    upc:763985864998


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