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Launching Beach boat trolley Trailer

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Boat beach dolly galvanized launching Boat beach dolly galvanized launching
Boat launching boat beach dolly
Beach Launching wheels trailer for boat galvanized
Boat Launching trailer handle

    Launching Beach boat trolley with T- shapped handle.
Boat dolly comes with PNEUMATIC wheels.
The Front Handle design is T Bar in shape and raised up making pulling the trailer much easier as 2 people can get hold of the draw bar, the T Handle leans forward and away from the boat, following the shape of the bow. There is also a proper front support for the boat on the trolley.
Trolley made of galvanized steel.
Large Pneumatic tube tires size 15" x 3.1"
Recommended max. weight: 300 lb.(136 kg)
Max tire pressure 12 PSI.
CAUTION : The launching wheels is not designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Damage may occur an d will void the warranty.

377  $

Launching Beach boat trolley Trailer  Sale Price :  293 CAD

Shipping :  91 CAD

Model: trolley_4GV    upc:763985864653


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