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13.5'_14' boat cover (400cm_430cm)

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Boat cover for 14 ft inflatable boat Boat cover for 14 ft inflatable boat
Custom Boat cover for 14 feet inflatable boat

    We strongly recommend using a specially designed boat cover when you store your fully inflated boat for long periods of time. The cover protect your inflatable boat from UV radiation and help to protect your inflatable dinghy from unwanted scratches and damage.

13.5'_14' boat cover (400cm_430cm)  Sale Price :  130 CAD

Shipping :  39 CAD

Model: BC430GW79    upc:763985864059


Boat cover length : 14 ft (430 cm)     
Boat cover Width : 79 inches (200 cm)     
Boat cover fabric : Marine-grade 600D Polyester PU coating     
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