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11 ft inflatable boat pro series 11 ft inflatable boat pro series

    A brand new attractive design put together for ultimate rough and tough river and ocean environment, a beautiful strive throughout lakes, river banks and bay shores for all purposes. Our 11 ft inflatable raft professional series contains new upgrades, such as 1.2 PVC thicknesses contributing in strong material and lifetime lasting. New GYT330 Inflatable boat , built with a powerful and strong foundation, plywood transom supporting a heavy capacity making it very ideal for an all-purpose carry on raft. Yellow and black coloured design , purposed to give a alert and bright stand out colour to see upon over the shore waters. Features such as the tight gripped upgrade of handles securely built on either side of the boat. Extreme durability and performance enhanced and built for high quality protective rubberier stompers at bottom of tail. Easily purposed to install tough aluminum seating and new design. Non skid seat surfaces, giving a gripping texture to the raft.

1688.7  $

11' INFLATABLE BOAT PRO  Sale Price :  1430 CAD

Shipping :  143 CAD

Model: GYT330    upc:763985863229


Overall Length : 11 feet ( 330 cm)     
Overall Width : 5 (153cm)     
Number of chambers : 3+1 Bow, Starboard, Portside,Keel     
Inside widthInside width between port and starboard : 26 inches (66.04 cm) 26 inches (66.04 cm)     
Inside lengthInside length from bow to transom:     
Tube diameterPontoon diameter: 16.4" (42 cm) 16.4" (42 cm)     
Max person capacity : 4adults +1kid     
Max engine power : 15 HP (short shaft)     
Max engine weightOutboard engine and related equipment total weight: 160 Lbs 160 Lbs      
Floor Material : : 3 x Aluminum / bow  - plywood     
Max load capacity : 882 lbs (400 kg)      
Max Tube PressureMaximum tube air pressure (Pression de tube): 3.6 psi (25 Kpa) 0.25 Bar 3.6 psi  (25 Kpa) 0.25 Bar     
Tubes and hull material Inflatable Boat Fabric and finished thickness: 1.2 mm PVC coated -1200 Dtex polyester fabric 1.2 mm PVC coated -1200 Dtex polyester fabric     
Hull unit weightWeight of the hull of vessel NOT including floor, oars, ets :     
Boat weightWeight of the vessel including deck, railings, seats,oars:     

1- Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat

1- Set of aluminum colapsable oars

1- Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve

1-Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue )

2-Aluminum bench seat

1- Towing rope

1-Owner manual

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