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Inflatable fender large size for docks Inflatable fender large size for docks

    This Extra Large inflatable fender keeps your boat a safe, convenient distance away from the dock. Inflatable fender made of havy-duty 1.2 mm reinforced PVC

INFLATABLE FENDER X-Large  Sale Price :  168 CAD

Shipping :  33 CAD

Model: FNDR4324    upc:763985863120


Overall LengthTotal Length of the fender / bumper: 43 in (110 CM) 43 in (110 CM)     
DiameterDiameter of the fender / bumper: 24 in (61cm) 24 in (61cm)     
MaterialMaterial / Fabric inflatable fender maid of : 1.2 mm Heavy-duty 1100 denier PVC fabric 1.2 mm Heavy-duty 1100 denier PVC fabric     

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