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5 Man Towable Banana Boat

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Towable Inflatable Banana sled Towable Inflatable Banana sled
Towable  Inflatable Banana sled
Recreational inflatable Banana sled

    Designed for fun in the sun on calm waters during spring and summer! This banana boat requires under two minutes of inflation, suitable to carry 5 adults on board. Surprising this banana boat has strong hold, strength to secure passengers from flipping or tipping over. A creative design, installed five gripping ropes to maintain a sturdy balance onboard. Two pointed noses on either side of inflatable, making it easy to glide through water and rough patched environment. Light and easy to deflate and inflated, non spacious requirements. Easily handled, handles on either end of banana boating making it simple and supportive to use. Along with strong commercial grade PVC material, operated to mount and withhold a heavy amount without breaking, easily tarring or deflating, secure and tough. Quality isnít everything, our towable 5 man towable boat requires less maintenance than other(s) inflatable banana boats due to our reinforced 1100 denier PVC.

5 Man Towable Banana Boat  Sale Price :  780 CAD

Shipping :  78 CAD

Model: 5TBB520    upc:763985862741


Overall Length : 17'  (5.2 meters)     
Overall Width : 47 inches (121 cm)     
Main Tube diameter : 21 inches (55 cm)     
Max persons capacity : 5     
Max load capacity : 1000 lbs.      
Packing size : 31 in  X 21 in X 14 in(78cm X 55cm X 35 cm)     
Net weight : 69 lbs (31.5 kg)      

  • 1- Towable Banana boat / sled 

  • 1 -Foot pump

  • 1 -Repair kit comes with 2 repair fabrics patches and 60g glue

  • 2-Towing rope (3 meters )

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